Cash Diary Pocket PC for Pocket PC

Cash Diary is a useful tool especially designed to help you manage your money every day.
Cash Diary Pocket PC

Version: 1.65

Cash Diary Pocket PC by: Kolya Mobile Computing, last updated: 25/10/2005

Requirements: Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 / 2003, Windows Mobile for Pocket PC

About Cash Diary Pocket PC


Cash Diary is a useful tool designed to manage your money for you. Keep Cash Diary with you and review it at the end of each day, week, and month... You‘ll be surprised how much money you spent that you didn‘t need to spend. If you get in the practice of using the View Balance as the baseline for all your spending habits, you‘ll always have control over your money.

Cash Diary is designed to let you quickly enter and view your registered spending. It has a highly intuitive graphical user interface. You don‘t have to learn how to use it - you just use it. It lets you register your spending and categorize it, but even more important, Cash Diary lets you view the statistics of the money you‘ve spent under different registered categories. You can export your registered cash to your Desktop PC

Cash Diary allows to export your registered cash and statistics in a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. CSV is an ASCII text file where the data lines are organized so each column value is separated by a comma from the next column value. Each row starts a new line. Below is an example of a Cash Diary export file:


The CSV Export file will be saved on your Pocket PC (in a folder of your choice: Business or Personal). The file will have the extension .csv reserved for the CSV file type. This file can then be easily exported to your Desktop PC via the ActiveSync program or "manually" via Windows Explorer. You can open a CSV file in Excel (either by double-clicking in Windows or by using File | Open in Excel) for further analysis.

Statistics Reports

Cash Diary lets you view statistics reports for the money you‘ve spent under different categories within a selected date range.

You can also export these statistics in a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.

Changing the Decimal Symbol and the Digit Grouping Symbol

Due to the difference in how Europeans and Americans (and others in other countries) represent digit grouping symbols and decimal symbols, a complicated problem can occur. What do you do then? Well, let‘s take a look.

In the US, commas (",") are used as grouping symbols, and periods (".") as decimal symbols. So, in US you would write 38,420.23 whereas in Europe the same value would appear as 38.420,23. The value, however, is the same or "Thirty-eight thousand, four hundred twenty, and twenty-three one hundredths" of something.

Cash Diary allows you to set your own Digit Grouping Symbol.

Cash Diary Help

You can have help available at any time simply by tapping the Help command on the Start menu of your Pocket PC. Once Cash Diary is on the Pocket PC screen, Help will display details and hints on how to use your Cash Diary.

Cash Diary Pocket PC, compatible Devices

Acer n10, Acer n20, Acer n20w, Acer n30, Asus MyPal A600, Asus MyPal A620, Asus MyPal A716, Asus MyPal A730, Audiovox 2032SP, Audiovox 5050, Audiovox PDA1032C, Audiovox PPC 4100, Audiovox PPC 6600, Audiovox PPC 6601, Audiovox Thera, BenQ P50, Casio E-115, Casio E-125, Casio E-200, Casio E-2000, Casio E-700, Casio E-750, Daxian Telecom CU928, Dell Axim X3, Dell Axim X30, Dell Axim X3i, Dell Axim X5, Dell Axim X50, Dell Axim X50v, Dopod 686, Dopod 696, Dopod 699, Dopod 700, Dopod 818, E-TEN M500, E-TEN P300, E-TEN P300B, E-TEN P600, E-TEN Pocket PC P700, Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox, Garmin iQue M5, HP Jornada 520/540 Series, HP Jornada 560 Series, HP iPAQ h1910/1920, HP iPAQ h1915, HP iPAQ h1930/1940/1945, HP iPAQ h2210/2215, HP iPAQ h3100/3600, HP iPAQ h3700 Series, HP iPAQ h3800 Series, HP iPAQ h3900 Series, HP iPAQ h4150/4155, HP iPAQ h4350/4355, HP iPAQ h5100/5400/5500, HP iPAQ h5450/5455, HP iPAQ h5500/5555, HP iPAQ h6315, HP iPAQ h6320/6325, HP iPAQ h6340, HP iPAQ hw6500 Series, HP iPAQ hx2100 Series, HP iPAQ hx2400 Series, HP iPAQ hx2700 Series, HP iPAQ hx4700, HP iPAQ hx4705, HP iPAQ rw6100, HP iPAQ rx3115, HP iPAQ rx3415, HP iPAQ rx3715, HP iPAQ rz1710, HP iPAQ rz1715, Mio 168, Mio 336, Mio 339, Mio 528, Mio 558, MoviStar TSM500, NEC MobilePro 200e, NEC MobilePro 250e, NEC MobilePro 300e, NEC MobilePro P300, O2 Xda Exec, O2 Xda II, O2 Xda II mini, O2 Xda IIi, O2 Xda IIs, O2 xda, Orange SPV M1000, Orange SPV M2000, PPC-6600/6601, Packard Bell PocketGear 2030, Packard Bell PocketGear 3025, Qtek 1010, Qtek 2020, Qtek 9090, Qtek S100, Qtek S110, RoverPC P1, RoverPC P3, RoverPC P4, RoverPC P5, RoverPC P7, Samsung SPH-i700, Samsung i730, Samsung i830, Siemens SX56, Siemens SX66, Symbol MC50, T-Mobile MDA Compact, T-Mobile MDA II, T-Mobile MDA III, T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone, Toshiba Genio-e, Toshiba e310, Toshiba e330 Series, Toshiba e350 Series, Toshiba e400/e405, Toshiba e550 Series, Toshiba e570, Toshiba e740, Toshiba e750 Series, Toshiba e800/e805, Verizon XV6600, Vodafone VPA Compact, Vodafone v1620, Zayo, i-mate JAM, i-mate PDA2, i-mate PDA2k, i-mate Pocket PC

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