Preview all your phone calls, SMS and email messages.

Version: 5.1.1.

MY|MESSAGES by: JGUI, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: any Phone Edition with 60kB of free space


This program displays on Today Screen,
your last phone calls, SMS and email messages.Additionally, it allows you to reply to SMS sender,
without the needs to open the Inbox dialog.Program features:
  • preview phone calls log
  • preview up to 5 your email accounts
  • preview SMS account
  • preview ActiveSync account
  • show/hide any account independently
  • show/hide list of message by tapping the title line
  • show/hide details of every mesage independently or together
  • show/hide battery, memory and external card status
  • show/hide the phone signal level (tap resources bar)
  • quick reply to SMS sender with one of pre-defined textProgram settings:
  • select the number of messages to display from 1, 3, 5 or 10
  • select only the today''s messages to display
  • select the name or number/email to display
  • show/hide fonts shadows
  • show/hide the standard icons
  • display the red title line if the last phone call is missed
  • display the red title line if the last message is unread
  • blink the title line (and icon) if the status changed
  • define up to 4 auto-reply text with up to 100 characters
  • select the SMS number format - change this setting if you get message: "cannot send SMS", because it depends from your cellular network preferencesProgram brief using:
  • main menu: tap-and-hold any part of the screen
  • SMS reply menu: tap-and-hold any SMS message line (see below)
  • then you can tap one of pre-defined text to send reply
  • every account can be visible/hidden by the checking the menu item
  • every account (incl. phone calls and SMS) has:
    - the title line (tap to show/hide the below list)
    - the list of messages titles (tap to show/hide the below details)
    - the message details text: message text for SMS, mesage subject for emails
  • "Show all details" display all message list rolled down and visible
  • "Show one details" hide the previous list if you selected another one
  • "Show resources" displays one more line on the top, with battery, and free space of memory and card
  • red alert will hide if you touch the line of alert at least one timeProgram specials:
  • if the last phone call is missed, the preview of number is displayed automatically
  • if the last message is changed or unread, the preview of sender name and subject is displayed automatically
  • if the one of above happen, the icon beside the line changes to the red picture
  • tap any message''s sender name will display subject text
  • tap any account title line will hide the list and all details at once
  • the menu displays preview of your own pre-defined SMS reply text, only if you tap on SMS message
  • tap the resources line changes between MB and percentage valuesSince 4.0. Version:
    new AI engine: you read native "eye-catching" message about last calls, SMS, emails; many more improvements: just tap the resources bar and review new styles; now up to 50 messages of every from 10 accounts can be displayed;Program requirements:
  • PPC2002 or Windows Mobile Phone Edition (Second Edition too)
  • 60kB of free memoryThe Trial Version works 7 days without limits.
    Red message "shareware" will display every 5 minutes.
    Then auto-reply and preview of details will not run. 
  • MY|MESSAGES, compatible Devices

    Dell Axim X3i, HP iPAQ h6315, HP iPAQ rz1710, HP iPAQ rz1715, Mio 339, Mio 528, Mio 558, O2 Xda II, O2 xda, Orange SPV M1000, Packard Bell PocketGear 2030, Packard Bell PocketGear 3025, Qtek 1010, Qtek 2020, Samsung SPH-i700, Siemens SX56, T-Mobile MDA II, T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone, i-mate Pocket PC

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