Best Mobile Expense Manger (Personal Edition) for Pocket PC

The world''s #1 Best Mobile? Expense Management tool for windows mobile PDAs sends flexibility & productivity through the roof! Track & manage your expenses.
Best Mobile Expense Manger (Personal Edition)

Version: 1.0.0

Best Mobile Expense Manger (Personal Edition) by: CellCity Pte Ltd, last updated: 23/08/2006

Requirements: Microsoft Mobile 2003 SE - PPC 400MHz CPU & 32MB RAM

About Best Mobile Expense Manger (Personal Edition)

CellCity: BMEM (Best Mobile Expense Manager - Personal Ed) 
Best Mobile Expense Manager (Personal Edition) 

The world’s #1 expense management tool for windows mobile PDAs sends flexibility and productivity through the roof! Best Mobile Expense Manager (Personal Editon)just got better. Track and manage your expenses, customize to the currency of your choice, generate reports on the fly and submit reports via email to excel. Because of its extensive scalability, Best Mobile Expense Manager (Personal Edition) is suitable for everyone. Price = USD4.49        


~ Track Expenses in Any Currency
~ Add Any Currency

The Best Mobile Expense manager enables you to track expenses in any currency. Don’t be limited. Add any currency to the extensive default list provided.

Create Profile(s) ~ One or Many

At last an expense management tool that knows the user is in charge or manage them in different accounts.

Set Budget Limits ~ Control Your Spending

Best Mobile Expense Manager (Personal Edition) enables you to set limits. You can choose to set different limits for individual profile or have a combined limit for all your profile.


Reports ~ Customize on the Fly

Click reports, select parameters of your choice and type details and get your reports in real-time.

You can send the reports via email and have them uploaded directly into Microsoft Excel.


Best Mobile Expense Manger (Personal Edition), compatible Devices

Acer n10, Acer n30, Acer n50, AnexTEK SP230, Asus MyPal A620, Asus MyPal A716, Asus MyPal A730, Audiovox 5050, Audiovox PPC 4100, Audiovox PPC 6600, Audiovox PPC 6601, BenQ P50, Daxian Telecom CU928, Dell Axim X3, Dell Axim X30, Dell Axim X3i, Dell Axim X5, Dell Axim X50, Dell Axim X50v, Dopod 696, Dopod 699, Dopod 700, Dopod 818, E-TEN M500, E-TEN P300, E-TEN P300B, E-TEN Pocket PC P700, Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox, Garmin iQue M3, Garmin iQue M5, HP iPAQ h1930/1940/1945, HP iPAQ h2210/2215, HP iPAQ h4150/4155, HP iPAQ h4350/4355, HP iPAQ h5100/5400/5500, HP iPAQ h5500/5555, HP iPAQ h6315, HP iPAQ h6320/6325, HP iPAQ h6340, HP iPAQ hw6500 Series, HP iPAQ hx2100 Series, HP iPAQ hx2400 Series, HP iPAQ hx2700 Series, HP iPAQ hx4700, HP iPAQ hx4705, HP iPAQ rw6100, HP iPAQ rx3115, HP iPAQ rx3415, HP iPAQ rx3715, HP iPAQ rz1710, HP iPAQ rz1715, Mio 168, Mio 336, Mio 339, Mio 558, MoviStar TSM500, NEC MobilePro 250e, O2 Xda II, O2 Xda II mini, O2 Xda IIi, O2 Xda IIi, O2 Xda IIs, Orange SPV M1000, Orange SPV M2000, Packard Bell PocketGear 3025, Qtek 2020, Qtek 9090, Qtek S100, Qtek S110, RoverPC P1, RoverPC P4, RoverPC P7, Samsung M400/M4000, Samsung i730, Samsung i750, Samsung i830, Siemens SX66, Symbol MC50, Symbol MC9000-G Series, Symbol PDT 8800, T-Mobile MDA Compact, T-Mobile MDA II, T-Mobile MDA III, T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone, Toshiba e350 Series, Toshiba e400/e405, Toshiba e800/e805, Toshiba e830, Verizon XV6600, Vodafone VPA, Vodafone VPA Compact, Vodafone VPA III, Vodafone v1620, i-mate JAM, i-mate PDA2, i-mate PDA2k, i-mate Pocket PC

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